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We offer remote climate control along with environmentally aware measures in Long Island.

Keep your home comfortable for years to come with our smart thermostats in Long Island

From using your phone to set the temperature of every room, to automatically closing blinds during mid-day, to monitoring your energy output to save money, Mancaves will make your home’s climate control and energy efficiency both easy and comfortable. Our Long Island automated climate control and smart home systems, built using only the best suppliers, are made to last.


Our smarts thermostats and automated climate control systems in Long Island can offer your home the perfect environment every day, every hour, every night. Mancaves introduces cutting edge technology that moves your home into the 21st century.

New integration techniques give you total control over the climate and energy usage within your home. Our Long Island automated climate control systems and smart thermostats are flexible, allowing you to use smartphone apps such as Savant to set heating and cooling schedules, to check your climate control system remotely, and more.

Savant app, available on the iTunes App Store.


Innovative Controls and Convenient Automations

Mancaves climate control systems keep you ahead of the curve. Nobody wants to walk into their home on the hottest day of the year and wait for their air conditioner to turn on and cool the room down while they sit and sweat. Just tap a button on your climate app and have the smart thermostat in Long Island ready for you when you come home.

Or even better, set your air conditioner to turn on automatically at a certain time of day – for example, when you get home from work. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, climate control systems work equally well.


Smart Responses

Our climate systems in Long Island also give your home the ability to respond to outside and inside temperatures and adjust the temperature of each room depending on your climate needs.

A customized home automation system from Mancaves in Long Island means that you’ll never be too hot or too cold in your own home – your ideal temperature will always be what you feel.

Just like our lighting control system, you can also set up individual profiles for each occasion, like dinner, company, or going to sleep.


In today’s culture, it’s important to reduce your energy expenditure, for the benefit of the environment and your wallet. A smart home climate automation system by Mancaves does this job for you. Let your home become the frugal manager of your energy bill.

Our smart thermostats in Long Island and Southampton make it easy for your home to control its own energy consumption, not only by lowering the thermostat, but also raising and lowering the shades to let the sun warm your home in the winter or to keep the heat out in the summer.  Additionally, our Long Island smart thermostats can instantly alert you to any problems with your heating systems like excessive usage or low fuel levels.